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Higher Education Admission Test Services
Higher Education Admission Test Services has been created to bridge the transition between Higher Education institutions across a range of courses.

Courses with pathways into university such as Nursing, Information Technology, Business, and many others are faced with the challenge of converting competency-based training into grade-based results so that a student can easily apply to a Higher Education Institution. Universities are required to add extra work into the application process often costing time and money to handle this process. Extra bridging courses have also been used as a way to assess each student at high costs to all stake holders.

The HEAT (Higher Education Admission Test) as an admission tool clears the way for universities to select the top applicants, without having to create extra work for the student and the institution. It also creates an even field for all students applying by providing standardised results.

TAFEs and Private RTOs can focus on ensuring their students are competent in all required areas and have the student measured for admission in a structured secure way. This eliminates the need for grading students and allows for the vocational sector to remain competency based.

About HEATs

Each HEAT is divided into sections based on the core units of competency within their respective course. Questions are displayed from a test bank of over 1500 questions and candidates are required to answer 100 randomly chosen questions within the set amount of time. The specific questions are derived from the units that are used in higher education applications where credit for a subject can be given.

The student is given a set of time for each question and must answer the questions one at a time and in order. Students are unable to navigate back to previous questions. Marks are awarded for questions answered correctly and a total course score is obtained. Each student’s unit scores are measured and used in the application process or returned to the RTO so that an individual subject grade can be given a total grade for any given unit. HEAT’s also use the best in class invigilation using a 4 step identification process and each test is monitored by a proctor with a ratio of 2 students to 1 invigilator. All HEATS are recorded both on screen and the student to ensure no cheating is possible.

Benefits of using HEATS

  • Provides students with equal opportunities regardless of where they have studied
  • Reduced cost for both RTO and Universities
  • Reduced workload in only interviewing candidates with desired scores
  • Standardised test for all applicants deemed competent by the Vet sector ensures even results
  • Simple tool to help with admission to university using a score-based system to rank students
  • HEAT scores can provide individual units with a course grade
  • Low one-off cost for students per test

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